Big Blues

I have no idea what led me to think about giant photographs today (generally, I’m more a fan of small works), but the Guinness Book of World Records pegs this cyanotype by Stefanos Tsakiris the World’s Largest, at almost 3,000 square feet!

Doing these body-print Cyanotypes on big sheets has always been a fun way to begin a summer Non-Silver workshop (you know, back when people could lie on a sheet in the sun together…) So here are a few more to fire up the imagination:

Rosie Emerson held a previous world record in 2014 with this one in London

Constanza Isaza Martínez with her 2015 record-breaking attempt…

A French attempt by Vincent Martin and Michel Miguet

And here’s the largest contact print ever made, by an “Italian experimental photography group” called Branco Ottico.

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